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    Re: New attractions (2011 - 2013)

    ^That does kinda make sense. Especially if people start looking for reasons why there is a bust of Auguste Gusteau "in" Playland. All it'd take would be a quick Google to find rumours of the Remy attraction. That'd certainly take the edge off Playland for those not in the know.

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    Re: New attractions (2011 - 2013)

    Quote Originally Posted by DLPfan1992 View Post
    Don't panic it comming its from Dutch forum speculating why they covered over whats he name. We already discussed this on this forum and someone said a casr member said so it was not to draw attetion away from TSPL
    A ride that isnīt built draws away attention from TSPL... hahaha
    Take that TSPL fans!
    The world according me:

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