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Thread: Dlp = EPCOT?

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    Cool Dlp = EPCOT?

    It seems that DLP is respecting the Disney heritage in some forms. I just read from a Walt Disney biography that his original plans for Epcot in 60's included:

    1. There'll be a Disneypark as a main employer.
    2. It'll be a city in a form of a circle and its diameter is ~5km.
    3. The area will be 2000 hectares.
    4. TWDC runs the city
    5. It will have a public transportation, local monorail would carry people to electric train
    6. There'll be a big shopping center and hotels.
    7. There would be green areas, more dense downtown and less dense neighborhood zone
    8. Outside the circle would be a small industrial zone
    9. Disney estimated that in twenty years the population would be ~20.000

    So what Euro Disney runs now is:

    1. A "Town" of Val d'Europe that is inside a circle (partly at least)
    2. Its diameter is ~3,2km and whole area 2000 hectares
    3. Its main employer is EDL s.c.a.
    4. There's RER station with two stop within the circle (electric train ofcourse)
    5. There's TGV/Eurostar station and internal bus traffic
    6. Direct access to A4 motorway
    7. There's a big shopping mall and village
    8. A new hospital is to be opened 2011.
    9. Now, nearly twenty years after opening, the population is ~20.000

    Ps. Went to wikipedia and there's a sentence that "It is believed that Val d'Europe and Celebration are descendants of Walt Disney's original plan for The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow - Epcot, which was originally intended as Walt Disney's plan for a city of the future." So I found an answer while writing this question. But...

    Have you find other similarities between original Epcot and DLP? I see we are missing the monorail.. maybe it is still on the list of upcoming projects? Prehaps to connect Val d'Europe to future convention center and to Disney hotels and parks?
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    Re: Dlp = EPCOT?

    Interesting... now that you mention it's layout it does seem similar to the original E.P.C.O.T. layout.

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    Re: Dlp = EPCOT?

    I went a couple of years back and went around Val d'Europe and the surrounding area and the exact same thing sprung to mind.

    DLRP is as close as we can get right now to EPCOT City.

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    Re: Dlp = EPCOT?

    EPCOT is a dream that will never come true. Looking at DLP makes me even more sure of that.
    Just sad... not even the Disneyland is something that Disney in France can handle.
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    Re: Dlp = EPCOT?

    I think that RCID and Celebration are more EPCOT-like to me than DLRP...
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    Re: Dlp = EPCOT?

    Val D'Europe is on 3 Cities ( Chessy , Serris , Magny Le Hongre ) . IIt is funny to see that if something has to be build in Val D'europe it need DLPI Approuvals !
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    Re: Dlp = EPCOT?

    Isn't Bailly Romanvilliers also a part of Val'D Europe?
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    Re: Dlp = EPCOT?

    Celebration and Val 'Europe are most certainly not the realization of the original EPCOT plans. Remember, EPCOT was supposed to be a self-sufficient city of the future that relied mostly on an expansive public transportation system.

    Celebration and Val d'Europe are not cities, they're residential communities, that are specifically designed to resemble urban environments of the past.
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