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    Space Mountain question

    What was the area where Space Mountain is now like? Space Mountain is in the middle of Discoveryland, and I can just imagine a huge plaza without it.

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    Re: Space Mountain question

    When i went to Euro Disney Resort in October 1992 the ride wasn't build and the highest ride was Orbitron . You had those hills wich formed a half circle from Orbitron to Captain Eo . The Discoveryland Station wasn't here too . Dicoveryland Station Opened in 1993 wich was a great oportunity to get a view of the Space Mountain Constructions .

    The constructions of Space Mountain Started in febuary 1993. Since then the Skyline of Discoveryland has changed and then now with Buzz Lightyear .
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    Re: Space Mountain question

    The discoveryland station wasn't there? I remember the Discoveryland station being over Star Tours since day 1! I rode the train on my first visit one week after the park opened in April 1992. Are you sure of this??
    As for the rest of the area where Space Mountain/Nautilus/Toy Story Pizza Planet... there was nothing but a bern.

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    Re: Space Mountain question

    It's funny to see old maps of this because it is just a huge amount of area with "nothing"...yet Star Tours/Captian Eo still have their buildings outside the train berm.

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