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Thread: Disney may trip

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    Disney may trip

    Well I must say my second trip to Disney was great, just like the last! This time the Castle was almost done with its paint job (front covers removed) and a few other buildings where covered with scafolding/ decorative covers. Space MT also had also had green construction walls around so when you first walked into Tommorrow land you got the view of some green walls and not Space MT. I was there with my wife and some friends that have never been before ,we did happen to get on Crushes coaster with a 30 minute wait time (we got in like 5 minutes after it opened) and the least to say there where highly disapointed with Toy Story Playland. Then we heade over to the real deal! We went on a sunday and it wasnt very crowded. Pirates was the longest wait but since the line kept moving it didnt feel like a long wait. We never ran into any rude CM's and the CM that I asked to switch the chickens wings for more of those awesom cheese filled fried jalapeño's didnt give me any problem (heard it was hard to get Vegitarian options in DLP.) Also one last thing maybe becuase it was slow but Colonel Hathi’s pizza outpost seemed to start closing a little early and Toad Hall was closed al together, Also the area beside it was covered with that green construction wall.

    P.S. ill porbably be getting some pictures on here once I learn how to upload them lol

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    Re: Disney may trip

    I am also plannig for a trip to Disneyland in June.

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