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    John Lasseter Meets w/Other Execs At Rumored Ratatouille Ride / Mini Land Area

    Source: Disney and more

    In a recent visit to DLP's rumored Ratatouille darkride / mini land area, John Lasseter privately met with Tom Fitzgerald (Executive VP / Senior Creative Executive) and Chrissie Allen (Senior Show Producer).

    The rumor places the debut of the ride 1-1/2 years out from now - in 2013. If this goal is to be achieved, Mickey had better stop talking so much and start working his little tail off as fast as he can.

    As Star Tours 2 is also rumored, can anybody tell me if Darth Vader would sound any less sinioster with a French accent along with sentences laced with French vernacular? Oie Oie!?
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    Re: John Lasseter Meets w/Other Execs At Rumored Ratatouille Ride / Mini Land Area

    Ratatouille will be part of Toon Studios (just like Toy Story Playland). In France, it's normal that they speak French in the rides. French is a beautiful language! . Star Tours The Adventures Continues is not rumored for the moment.

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