Angela Bliss and Craig Dezern from Disneyland Paris and Scott Cassidy from Walt Disney World in Orlando (Florida) have visited the sandsculpture festival in Belgium (Blankenberge).

They found that the 51 sculptures in sand were so good that there are plans to put sculptures in Disneyland Paris for the 20th anyversary next year and to also put sculptures at Walt Disney World.

The sand sculptures got 200.000 visitors this year at Blankenberge, there will be also an ice sculpture next year at Brugge. The sand sculptures got around 3000 visitors a day.

Thanks to Alexander Deman for letting us be part of the magic this year at Blankenberge, be sure to watch out videos about this sand sculpture festival.

Watch our videos about the Sandsculpture Festival:

Making of: Magical Moments from Disneyland Paris in Sand Sculptures on Vimeo

Official Opening: Official opening sand sculptures Magical Moments from Disneyland Paris - Blankenberge on Vimeo

Complete Tour: Sand Sculptures Tour + Making off - Magical Moments from Disneyland Paris on Vimeo