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    No More Fireworks?

    With Disney Dreams coming to Disneyland Park in the upcoming months, will the park no longer host firework shows and Disney Dreams will act as the nighttime entertainment or do they plan on showing a fireworks show and Disney Dreams like Disneyland California shows Fantasmic and Fireworks or does Disney Dreams incorporate a new fireworks show?

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    Re: No More Fireworks?

    Good question. I guess Dreams will be the main show for quite a while, but I can't see them abandoning fireworks all together.

    I would imagine they'd still have them on July 14 for Fete National, surely it wouldn't be right to not have them that night.

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    Re: No More Fireworks?

    I would say it is a hybrid show lol. Water, fire, fireworks, projection.

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    Re: No More Fireworks?

    Video of testing BTW....

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    Re: No More Fireworks?

    interesting video

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    Re: No More Fireworks?

    I am bummed I will be there the week before the beginning of the 20th. Hopefully they will have some 20th merchandise.

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