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    Re: Disneyland Paris Surprise Trip!

    As a Disney cast member, I am disgusted about their attitude towards guests......I am so sorry for your daughter...anyway, great trip report!!
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    Re: Disneyland Paris Surprise Trip!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dagobert View Post
    Loic Potter, it seems you have some insights at DLRP. Don't get the CMs trained for such things? It works on nearly all rides, but it's not the first time I have heard about loading problems at the Parachute Drop. Usually the ride is unloaded and then the new riders are allowed to load. Do the TSPL attractions have loading gates?
    All CMs are trained to handle this kind of situations. First, by the trainer himself during "on the job training" and a minimum of one time a year during training like "Guest Situations training" "Be my Guest training" etc... (depend the job inside the company). I'm thinking we have the same kind of trainings as DLR or WDW.

    However, as I read on a Disneyland thread (DLR Guest Relations... What happened ?!?), you can only suggest during trainings... I want to use this quote, because it's the truth here too (I'm a trainer as well) :

    Quote Originally Posted by Kessi View Post
    After three years of training several groups of new hires, I have unfortunately learned one thing: You can suggest, suggest, and suggest some more the proper ways and techniques to interact with guests, but only those willing to learn will pick up on what you're saying and apply them. Not only does it take effort on the NH's part, but it feeds on their dedication to their job, which may, to them, be just that: a job; which may be something they may not particularly have wanted, liked, or have a passion for. All CM positions are customer service positions, whether they are FOH or HOH, and sadly, not all of these people are equipped with the skills to perform the proper 'Disney' experience for every guests. Additionally, I really think it has to do with today's generation as a whole, like, everyone, including YOU, that we just don't uphold the same ideals and ideas of good behavior like we used to (Attire, for example!).

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