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Thread: Entrance to WDS

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    Re: Entrance to WDS

    Thanks TDLFan, you have any more photos of the interior of Soundstage 1?

    I think a canopy could be built over Sunshine Plaza at DCA and the existing shop entrances could be converted into a similar space.

    It could be cool, like the Vegas casinos' shopping arcades. With skies that change colors every 20 minutes.

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    Re: Entrance to WDS

    I kinda like the outdoor front entrance plaza at WDSP as it is...and honestly, the indoor soundstage could have been done more legantly (like the Vegas shopping arcades you mention) but that is not what they went for. They tried to emulate a set inside a studio soundstage, hence the faux wall sets, camera and film production props and plain ceilings with hanging spotlights.

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