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    Will this have an effect of Armageddon?

    The recent tragic death of Michael Clarke Duncan surely casts a cloud over the Armageddon attraction at WDS where MCD appears as your host in the preshow.

    Will DLP continue to use this VT? Will they replace it? Or perhaps is this the opportunity for the attraction to be scrapped/retooled?
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    Re: Will this have an effect of Armageddon?

    I would be very curious to know how this affects it. I am one in a minority who really like this attraction (to the point of it being a personal highlight) so I'd be saddened to see it go. I would be surprised if Disney chose to remove the attraction immediately given he's now died, it would seem kind of rude of them.

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    Re: Will this have an effect of Armageddon?

    They are planning to have it closed most of the time anyway since they donīt have enough money to keep it open.
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    Re: Will this have an effect of Armageddon?

    Honestly I don't think that Mr. Duncan's death will have any affect on it. DLP will not change the attraction now, because I think Armageddon will be removed anyway in the next years.

    Armageddon isn't that bad, except for the pre show, which is way too long, but I think it's time for something new.

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    Re: Will this have an effect of Armageddon?

    I agree - I can't see them altering it at all.
    In a way its nice to leave it, as its a way to remember him.

    But most likely, it hasn't even crossed their minds.

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