We stayed over in London so we wouldn't miss the 1015 EuroStar departure, we needn't have bothered as we left London some 50 minutes late. However after our late start the journey was perfect & we arrived into DLP at 1500 local time.

We had a short 15 minute walk through Disney Village to the Hotel Cheyenne, where we had a trouble free check in. It was during check in that I was asked to commit to breakfast buffet times for the next 3 days, I chose 0700 only to be given 0930 on the Tuesday as all other times were taken. I don't know about you but how old fashioned to be handing out small laminated pieces of card for something that could & should be done online before arrival?

We then hit Disneyland Park just in time for the evening parade, we stood in front of Guest Relations & waited, just for a moment I was transported to the Magic Kingdom as I looked to the corner of Main Street. I think I got something in my eye at this point. The best way to describe the feelings I got is that this is Disney or the Magic Kingdom but as seen through the eyes of the Epic Mickey video game. It's so familiar yet so different. The parade was stunning. Again my eyes misted up & for a flashing second I was in Florida. That's were the problems with Disneyland Paris start, you are constantly comparing the parks to Walt Disney World. The walk up Main Street was stunning & looking at the castle was breath taking but it wasn't Magic Kingdom. On the same corner of Main Street you'll find Caseys Corner Hot Dog dinner, oh how disappointing it was 40 for 1 plain hotdog, 1 cheese hotdog, 1 chicken nuggets, 2 fries & 4 Hot Chocolates. Expensive? I think so, what do you think? We rode Pinocchio & the Carrousel in Fantasyland then made our way to Discoveryland & walked onto Space Mountain (amazing) twice & Buzz Light Year once. We then made our way to watch Dreams. I'm gonna upset people & say Meh! Wishes is breath taking & timeless, this isn't, it's a greatest hits marketing device. Disney is proving this by swopping out parts to market new or newish films. There is so much they could do to this show to make it timeless, I really hope they can. We then walked back to our hotel & collapsed into bed.

Next morning we washed & showered in piping hot water, then made our way to our continental breakfast at The Cheyenne. This breakfast serves a purpose, it's cereal, breads, cheese & ham, washed down with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, apple juice or orange juice. It's bland but fills a hole, the staff are sour faced but work so hard to keep things moving along. Everywhere we looked you could see people filling packed lunch boxes & drinks containers with sandwiches & drinks. If you can't beat em, join em. We made our dinner too.

We then made our way to "Salon Mickeys" as we are share holders, wow what a brilliant idea for share holders. You are taken into a beautifully furnished room where you have access to unlimited free drinks & 2 breakfast items per person. You can then make your way into Disneyland Park through a side door. It makes you feel like a star. We then spent all day until about 1900 working our way through the park & it was sort of brilliant, I can't put my finger on it. It's not Magic Kingdom but its very hard to pull yourself away from that. As a stand alone park it's stunning but it ain't WDW. Some of the staff are cast members, but most are staff. They wave you through the gates, they do it while on the phone, they sneer in your general direction & that ain't Disney. We then made our was to the Disney Village to eat. What a joke! We hadn't booked so expected a short wait. Everywhere had people fighting to get in the door, we ended up trying McDonnalds only to find hundreds of people trying to get served. Every till was open but the background staff who cook the food were strolling about without a care in the world & that was the general attitude of most of the staff throughout our time in France, they just didn't care. In America you can see the staff literally walking through walls to get you your burger. Not in France, you get it when they feel like getting you it.

We hit Walt Disney Studios after breakfast the next day, we did 90% of what we wanted to to, Toy Story Land was cool but wait times & slow staff made it hard work, it could of been so much more, where's Toy Story Mania? We left at closing & couldn't eat again, we had to use the Petrol Station next to the Hotel Santa Fe to eat cold sandwiches again as we had tried to book a table in a couple of restaurants in the Disney Village but was told to just turn up, it would be fine? It wasn't.

Our 3rd & last day was used to ride our favourite rides again. I sound disappointed with our stay, I'm not, it was brilliant & if they made it easier to book ADR's before arrival & if they had more organised Character meet & greets (instead of fighting with 30 other people just to meet Goofy) it would have been better, would I go again? Yes I would but Mr Philippe Gas I'd rather save up & go back to Walt Disney World