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    Re: Walt Disney Studios, currently the worse Disney park?

    Quote Originally Posted by swampymarsh View Post
    Wasn't TSM coming the rumor before Ratatouille was even announced?

    I would have no problem with TSM being built. The problem with WDS is not the attractions, it's how they stick them where ever, instead of in a planned manner.
    It would fit the rest of TSPP perfectly if the building for TSM was shaped and looked like a giant version of Andy's toybox from the outside. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they used a stagebuilding or a standard building to host the ride instead.

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    Re: Walt Disney Studios, currently the worse Disney park?

    I absolutely HATE the "soundstage" façade that Disney likes to use in their studio parks. I think it's so stupid and lazy and looks super ugly. Crush's Coaster is a fantastic attraction, but the show building is just horrid. They really need to overhaul the façade into something wonderful and underwater-themed. It's such a disconnect between the bland soundstage front and then the detailed rockwork at the bottom where the cars come outside.

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    Re: Walt Disney Studios, currently the worse Disney park?

    Till a major placemaking and even with Ratatouille the WDS will still be a half day visit compare to DIsneyland Park .
    HKDL : Done !!!

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