Thank you for all of that advice. My student ID should be good then, as I'll be studying at a French affiliate school for the summer, and they will be issuing us specific ID's for that.

I'll do as you suggest with WDSP first. Especially because there are only a few things I want to see there anyway, and I'll hopefully beat any crowds coming to see Ratatouille. Inside DLP, yes, you listed the things I would want to ride and skip. Most of Discoveryland I could skip, actually. Star Tours and Buzz I've been on already. So the only draw is Space Mountain, oh, and the Nautilus. Fantasyland holds most of my interest because so much there is different from the US parks. Pirates, Big Thunder, and Phantom Manor are the other big things. So, I'll take your suggestions and see how they work during summer.

Souvenirs I don't really care about. I've heard that DLRP is much like the American parks with too much of the same stuff everywhere. Plus, I don't want to have to carry around extra stuff.

Oh, and I'll hold off on asking further about restaurants so I can read that specific topic.

Thanks for your help.