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    Talking Technology Magic Band soon at Disneyland Paris?

    According to an interview from Disney Central Plaza with Mark Stead, Disneyland Paris will soon offer to visitors an RFID card that would have multiple services in a single card. This card seems to take the concept of MagicBand in Walt Disney World Resort.
    In addition, Mark also announced the arrival of WiFi in the parks in 2015 and that TWDC had sold to DLP an application that costed them tens of millions for just 500,000 (euro or dollar i don't know)
    Is this the "My Disney Experience" app ?

    What do you think? Is this a good thing for the Paris resort?

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    Re: Technology Magic Band soon at Disneyland Paris?

    When I saw the thread title I immediately thought (in best Vader fashion) 'Nooooooo', but reading that it would be just in a normal card, rather than those bands, then perhaps not so bad.

    However, the caveat would be; if everything else in the resort was in tip top shape and there were no parks in desperate need of improvement and expansion, then go right ahead. If not, save wasting money on this triviality and improve the place!

    "We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." -
    Walt Disney

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    Re: Technology Magic Band soon at Disneyland Paris?

    The Magic Cuff concept in some variation will be added to all Disney Parks eventually.

    Luke Skywaker: nooo! that's Impossible!!!

    (His Dad) Vader: Nooooooo!!!!!

    I still hate the idea of scheduling my rides throughout the day, and only being told I am allowed to schedule 3.

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