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    ED SCA Shareholders meeting Live!

    Live report of the shareholders gm : (in french) with pics!

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    Re: ED SCA Shareholders meeting Live!

    Through the Magic of Google, for those like me who are impared in their ability to read french, a translation can be found at the link below:

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    Re: ED SCA Shareholders meeting Live!

    the AGM was a basic one with the announcement of the Bad Results as every year and an optimistic future with all those 3 Attractions .

    Karl Holtz has announced that Tower Of Terror will Open at the begining of the fiscal Year 2007 wich it will start on 1st November .

    So TOT has been advanced to open in 2007 instead 2008 .

    Karl Holtz the Euro Disney SAS chairman CEO ( former WDW Executives ):

    Presentation of all those 3 New Attractions ( Buzz , Toon Studios and TOT) :

    Some inside footage of Buzz Lightyears Lazer Blast ( now you can compare with one at Disneyland California ):

    The Most awaited attraction :

    Bob Iger and Jay Rasulo ( Former Euro Disney SAS Chairman CEO ) were here .

    there also announced and presented to all the Euro Disney SAS Shareholders a Brand New Exhibition of Walt Disney and it's creations in Paris at '' Le Grand Palais '' wich will start in Sept 06 and will end in January 07 .

    Thanks to to share all those pictures .
    HKDL : Done !!!

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