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    Re: Phantom Manor Holiday

    You know that if they ever do the overlay....Replace the bride with sally....The Phantom with the Professor dude...Make the western town look like Haloween town...The dead guys in the caticombs can stay the same....Just make it about Jack and sally's love....not about halloween taking over Christmas......that might actually work well

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    Re: Phantom Manor Holiday

    How about a Corpse Bride overlay? Pitty it isn't a Disney movie, really. As for the PM storyline, it's a bit convoluted. In fact, it's one of the few rides in the resort not to have an official storyline, although PeaJay got most of the elements right.

    Here's the story as it was given to me, by a longtime PM Cast Member:
    The town of Thunder Mesa was built out of nothing by the eponymous Henry Ravenswood, a prospector who struck it lucky on Big Thunder Mountain. But the mountain was a sacred site, revered by the local Indian tribes, and reputedly home to the Thunderbird - a magical creature of godlike powers. By desecrating the mountain, Ravenswood called down an old Indian curse upon himself.
    There was a bad accident in the mine, twisting the tracks and sending the mine trains careering off at breakneck speeds. An earthquake destroyed part of the town, which slipped into the river. (This is the ghost town section of the ride.) Thunder Mesa's prosperity began to wane, and slowly, one by one, people left.
    Defying the curse as best he could, Ravenswood went into seclusion inside his grand manor house, with only his beautiful daughter for company. As the years went by, people saw less and less of him, until rumours began to spread that he had died.
    But Ravenswood lived on, becoming more and more obsessed with his daughter, whom he kept locked away from the world. She was the last precious thing he had left.
    But then one day she saw a local farmhand from her bedroom window. Sneaking outside the house for the first time in years, she met him and fell in love. They agreed to be married in secret.
    But Ravenswood heard about the tryst through a nosey servant, who had overheard the lovers' meeting. Enraged, he cursed his daughter, swearing that she would never marry. An old man by now, and weakened by his years of solitude, his heart gave out and he died on the spot, the curse still on his lips.
    His daughter buried him in Boot Hill (located outside PM's exit), but was happy that she could now marry her love openly. They would share the house together, and rebuild Thunder Mesa.
    Preparations were made, and Ravenswood Manor buzzed with more life and energy than it had known in years. It was as though a dark cloud had finally lifted. A few rumours began to spread amongst the servants that a dark, cloaked figure had been spotted in and around the house, but nobody paid them any real heed...
    The day of the wedding came, and the young Miss Ravenswood stood in the grand ballroom, waiting for her fiancé to arrive. The guests were all assembled, and everything was ready. But he didn't show. A search was conducted, but the young groom was never seen again.
    Devastated, the bride locked herself away, much as her father had done, swearing never to leave the house until her fiancé could be found.
    The townsfolk would often see the light of a candle, moving from room to room at night, as she searched in vain for her lost love. People bagan to talk. Who was the mysterious figure in top hat and cloak who could also be seen at the windows, if one cared to look? It bore an uncanny resemblance to old Henry Ravenswood. But he was long dead, and in the cold, hard ground. Wasn't he?

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