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    Hotel Sante Fe???

    Im just curious...those of you who have stayed at Sante Fe can you please give me your opinions on it...what the rooms were like...atmosphere...would you stay there it a waste of time...???

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    Re: Hotel Sante Fe???

    I would suggest checking out Ian Parkinson's excellent article on MiceAge:

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    Re: Hotel Sante Fe???

    personally its nothing special, to me it felt like a western themed travelodge. the props are cool, and some of them themeing is neat, but the buildings are easy to get lost around and its expensive. i prefered the holiday inn much nicer and fanicer and cheaper.

    that said the abillity to get to the parks on foot and not wait for a bus is really a big plus (except when youre tired.)
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    Re: Hotel Sante Fe???

    It's the weakest and cheapest of all the hotels, I think Cheyenne adds that bit extra that Santa Fé lacks. When you get a room at Cheyenne at the side that's closest to the park it's an excellent option.

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