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Thread: Pool Hopping?

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    Pool Hopping?

    I just found out after a long debate over where to stay had been ended by booking Newport Bay for my visit next month that the pool/jacuzzi/health club will be closed for my entire stay. Tried to switch over to Sequoia Lodge, but told that wasn't available.

    My question: if the facilities are closed, are we allowed to use those at a nearby hotel like SL or NY? That's standard operating procedure in Orlando and Anaheim, but I'm not taking anything for granted.

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    Re: Pool Hopping?

    Yes, I you'll be able to use another hotel's pool--or at least that was the case the last time I was there--I'm just trying to remember if you get to use Hotel New York's or Sequoia Lodge's or both. Or if they've changed policies entirely. Someone else will know.
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    Re: Pool Hopping?

    actually if you're staying to one of those hotels ( Newport , Sequoia or New York ) you'll be able to use the pool at all those 3 Hotels .

    your hotel's pool will be closed due to annual refurb so it's not your fault so you can use the Sequoia or New York Hotel pool .

    if you got a car i can recomend you the pool of the Ranch Davy Crocket wich is my DLRP's favourite pool .
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