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    Last minute advice ...

    Any last minute advice/news out of DLP? I am at six days in counting before WDW1974 and family descend on the resort.

    Should I expect smallish crowds during the week? What about weather-wise?

    Anything closed?

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    Re: Last minute advice ...

    Crowd-wise you should be fine during the week.
    Make sure to be the Studios for opening at least one day to catch "Good Morning Studios" as the stars arrive for work. It's a nice touch.

    PotC won't go down until 29th of may, but Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Peril will be closed until 26th May. The Nautilus walk thru closes 15-19 May but catch it if you can.

    Over at the Studios - RnRc is closed for one day (23rd) and the Tram Tour is closed 29th May - 2nd June.

    And here's a decent link to the weather reports.

    Enjoy - post some pics and a trip report so those not lucky enough to be there can live vicariously!

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