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    WDS : Parade Route Changes due to Placemaking !

    The Parade route will be change by the end of June .

    Since a few days ago there is walls next the the Actual Parade Route and Disney will change the floor of this area to make it better than is it right now .

    In Fact the New Parade Route will be from Rock'n Roller Coaster to Cinemagique during the contruction .

    I hope this will not take untill 2007 . Why ? Because the acess to the Flying Carpet will be reduced and the crowds were at the park last week end i i can't imagine with that reduced area .

    Walt Disney Studios are enough small already .
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    Re: WDS : Parade Route Changes due to Placemaking !

    Thanks for the update, bopazot. It's good to see them getting to work on the placemaking so soon! I hear the work should be finished by September. Anyone else have any confirmation of this?

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    Re: WDS : Parade Route Changes due to Placemaking !

    Where is that? Is that near Animation Courtyard (can't tell from photo)? So I am assuming this "change the floor of this area to make it better" is the first bit of changes for Animation & Toon Studios? Or is this somthing else for somewhere else?

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    Re: WDS : Parade Route Changes due to Placemaking !

    I'm glad we can actually see signs of the placemaking - I got my hopes up high for the placemaking at DCA but then we found the plans had been cut, so I was wary of getting excited for the placemaking at WDS. But here is something actually happening!

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    Re: WDS : Parade Route Changes due to Placemaking !

    Will the parade end at the left or right side of Cinemagique? I can hardly imagine it will end between Studio 1 and the left side of Cinemagique because there is almost no room there, the exits for Cinemagique are located here and there is no way for the floats to return back to RnRC.

    So that means it will end at the right side, where Mickey's trailer currently is located. There is enough room to store the floats there, since this is where a possible new attraction will be located, but it is also in plain sight when you stand ontop of the Parking building behind it. Wouldn't this create a problem for the parade to stop? Would characters have to stay in their role for until they are really out of sight...and is there a way for the floats to be brought back to RnRC.

    Which brings me to my next question, how do they currently bring back the floats?!? They can't go via frontlot or Fantasia are they doing it in the night via the same route, via the outer berm of the park or is there another way?!?
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