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    Re: Obscene behavior by Mickey and the Gang

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy2 View Post
    Thank you! While this has died down in the media it's making the rounds through the Facebook and MySpace crowd. I was just sent a link of it yesterday.
    Facebook and myspace? Lord have you seen some of the pictures there? Pictures of teenage girls.....and you are appaled by this video? WOW.

    here is the thing. Action was taken after the fact because if you watch the video it isn't as if someone has their camcoder out in the open. To me, and I am not a videographer by any sense, it seems as of said CM is trying to hide the camera so as not to get caught. But it on You tube and of course you will get caught. I'm always amazed when people do things they are not supposed to and then think they won't get caught for it.

    Was it wrong? Shoot, what kind of workplaces don't have some sort of inappropriate behavior?
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    Re: Obscene behavior by Mickey and the Gang

    Quote Originally Posted by AEGuy42 View Post
    To this day, alcohol is not served publicly in any Magic Kingdom (save one) in order to maintain the "santa claus facade." The only exception is Disneyland Paris. There, the table service restaurants only serve wine, which is French custom.
    I have imbibed at DLP (Blue Laoon), all over at DCA, soon to add DL to the list. noy counting the drinking that was done without actual permission, per se
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    Re: Obscene behavior by Mickey and the Gang

    This thread needs VIDEO!!!!

    oh wait.....
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