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Thread: Muppets TV

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    Muppets TV

    Yesterday was the premiere of the brand new Muppets show on french TV called Muppets TV. Another step to the arrival of the Muppets at DLRP ?

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    Re: Muppets TV

    i'd love to get Muppets Vision 3D in the Studios but we have the languages .

    We'll need to translate the show to many other languages likes HISTA and the former Visionarium with the Headset .
    HKDL : Done !!!

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    Re: Muppets TV

    Wow... they managed to keep most of the character voices sounding like the originals. That doesn't happen very often.

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    Re: Muppets TV

    Good to see the Muppets making a tv come back,even if it is in France

    Muppet 4D is starting to show its age and is rumoured to be on the way out the door at DCA,and be replaced by Mickey's Phillarmagic.Personally Im all in favour of a Muppet theme attraction just not the 4D thing.Besides WDS has too many show based attractions at the park and not enough rides.Im thinking of something along the lines of the dark ride that Disney and Henson were planning before it all went sour.The attraction Jim Hill has previously talked about over on JHM.

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