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Hello guys,
Paul Pressler and André Lacroix were not the best choice for Disney theme parks. I have big hopes into Mister Iger and believe that he already took some good decisions. Disneyland California just shines like a new park even at its 50th anniversary and they are now updating classic attractions one after another. Two thumbs up Matt Ouimet and Jay Rasulo.

The departure of André Lacroix was need in Paris as NEED MAG?C was just awful and the worst disney advert I have ever seen. And frankly speaking I am not the biggest fan of Space Mountain - Mission II neither. They broke the original storyline and tried to make the ride young and a big thrill.

I am very happy about Karl Holz's nomination to the head of Euro Disney and I believe that things will change with this great man. He got a lot of theme park experience and knows the Disney brand very well. I appreciate how he talks about the values and traditions of our company and I am sure that Disneyland Resort Paris won't close its doors for the next ten years.

I also believe that the Parisian park is the most wonderful Magic Kingdom ever built and frankly speaking I would go for "The Jungle Cruise" for Disneyland. Jay Rasulo's tradition is to clone rides to avoid high costs of planning and I think he is right as hardly any visitor of Tokyo Disneyland goes to Disneyland Resort Paris or Disneyland California. Maybe it's not Splash Mountain, but the Hongkong version of "The Jungle Cruise" WHAT DO YOU THINK?
Sure The Jungle Cruise is great and would also be a very nice E-ticket! But if I had to make a choise between the to, I´d go for Splash Mountain. Not only because I am a big fan of the Disney themed thrillrides, but also from the perspective of Disney. The Jungle Cruise is such a large attraction. Where to place it? The attraction alone will be as big as Adventureland itself. I also think it will cost a lot more money (but i´m not sure). That money can be spend on other things such as maintenance of the Castle, for instance. I´d rather have them both, but give me a Splash Mountain!!