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    Closed attractions


    Does anybody knows if the Old mill (ferry wheel) and the Keelboats are definitely closed, or if they still in use during the busy months? Is there a chance that they will be put back into action in the future?

    Also on an almost unrelated topic: I did ride the steamboats the first time I visited the park (a long time ago) and I can't remember: do you actually get to see anything interesting?


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    I know that the Keelboats are definitely closed. I dont think the Old Mill is open anymore, but maybe it is open seasonaly. When youre on the steamboat, one thing thats interesting to see are the geysers and i believe there are plastic wilderness animals.
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    While on the steamboat you can also see a wooden cabin. There's an animatronic old cowboy on a moving chair and a barking dog. And there's supposed to be large geysers but they don't work all the time. You also might see the Disneyland Express train passing by.
    Btw what are the keelboats, I can't remember such an attraction?

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    The Old Mill is a seasonal attraction and is usually only open in the High Summer season.

    The Keelboats were 2 small boats carrying around 20 people at a time on trips around the Rivers of America, the landing stage was just next door to the Pocahontas play area.

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    The Steam Boats are out of action at the moment following a serious fire/explosion on the Molly Brown. I'm quite surprised that there isn't already a thread on this. The fire happened last week, as the boat was towards the rear or Frontierland. (Around the back of Big Thunder Mountain, heading towards the geysers.)
    There's been no official word on the cause of the fire yet, but the whispers say that a fuel pipe in the engine room sprang a leak, venting flamable fumes intot he engine compartment. These fumes caught light and caused an explosion in the smoke stack. The whole of the back of the driver's cabin was left blackened.
    All the guests were evacuated immediately, on one of the Keelboats (the only chance you'll ever have of riding one any more!) The smoke was so bad that the whole of Frontierland was evacuated and remained closed for most of the day.
    So now the Molly Brown is stuck there on the Rivers of America, which means the Mark Twain steamer is also out of use.
    You can see photos in the news&rumours section of

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    I was there on 6/1/2005 and you can see the Molly Brown stuck in the middle of the river from the train. It is covered with large tarps, but you can still see the smoke damage. It was too bad as I wanted to ride it and get a closer look at the amazing themeing on Big Thunder!
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