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    World of Disney store

    As you can see in this scale model (presented during the recent shareholders assembly), there are plans for a World of Disney store in Disney Village (the part with the blue ball on top):

    A spot which is currently a mud pool surrounded by walls:

    Has it been confirmed when construction will begin on that one? I hope it's soon, because Disney Village needs it. To cover up that vulgar metal-plated wall, to connect the old area with the new one and because the Disney Store is bursting at its seams on most high season nights (not to mention shabby and outdated). The resort could really use a new flagship store. *hopes they model it after the NY store*

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    Re: World of Disney store

    It was originally due to be built last year, following all the remodelling of the Village's main street, but the last I heard, it had been witheld until the end of the year/beginning 2008. I think the plan is to see how many extra visitors are brought in by the 15th anniversary celebrations and the new attractions. If attendance hits a certain figure, we should get the World Of Disney store, along with the new ESPN Zone bar and nightclub.

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