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    Lightbulb Coming Nemo ride

    Info from DLP INFO. See pic here : pic

    today Imagineering conducted height test for the ride building. With foor different colored baloons the four corners of the future soundstage and their height were marked to see the level of intrusion from inside the Disneyland Park and the other areas of the Walt Disney Studios.
    I don't think the future Studio 4 building will be see from Disneyland park (even from the very top of Big Thunder Mountain), but regarding ToT, as it's much higher, I hope they will plant high trees along the rivers of the Far West to hide it...

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    It is supposed to go next to the Alladin attraction right? Why will the building be placed on the pavement? And it it's not much heigher then the other Studio buildings so it won't be seen from Disneyland Park.
    And about the ToT, I don't really mind it being so huge. It's good for the Studio's to have an enormous landmark. I always enjoy seeing the castle, Space Mountain or Big Thunder from a great distance when I arrive at the Resort

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    it's huge

    I was at the backstage area this day and I can tell you that the building will occupy half of the parking area.

    It seems to become a huge building - we will see the result

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