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Thread: Indiana Jones

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    Re: Indiana Jones

    Quote Originally Posted by kirbilicious View Post
    If you think MK is packed with attractions, I wonder what you would think about DL, as it has more attractions on a much smaller plot of land.
    I think Disneyland works perfectly. I actually love that it's packed with attractions and don't think anything looks out of place.
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    Re: Indiana Jones

    Quote Originally Posted by Reiana View Post
    I don't think the Disneyland Park itself needs a lot more attractions. Maybe only two or three, ok. And ONLY if they fit in.
    I have been to WDW and in my opinion, the Magic Kingdom is way to packed with attractions. I think everything looks some kind of out of place.
    It's like imageneering spotted some empty places, even if they were to small and thought: "Wow let's put some new attractions in, no matter how it will look like. "
    Sure they had to expand over the last decades, but really at any costs?
    In my opinion, there is no harmony in the WDW park.
    So there is no need to ruin this harmony at DLRP.

    Just my two cent.
    The best example of this at the MK that I can think of is the attraction I love to hate, the attraction I love to rip on every chance I get, the attraction I wish would fly apart with a bunch of screaming kids on it - those stupid Aladdin Flying Carpets in Adventureland. Oh yeah, and Toontown Fair.
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