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    Best days to visit Park/Paris

    We will be arriving in Paris on Saturday afternoon Dec. 15th and would like to visit Paris and DLRP for 3 days each. Would it be better to go to the parks on Sun, Mon, Tues or Wed, Thur, Fri?

    We are from Seattle so I expect the weather to be similar to our December weather, correct?

    Thanks for any hints,


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    Re: Best days to visit Park/Paris

    Weekdays in december are not crowded at all. The last week of december and new years week are very busy. I would suggest doing the park during weekdays and avoid the weekends.

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    Re: Best days to visit Park/Paris

    Quote Originally Posted by TDLFAN View Post
    I would suggest doing the park during weekdays and avoid the weekends.
    I think thats a good rule of thumb all year around - the weekends are more crowded due to the locals visiting.

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    Cool Re: Best days to visit Park/Paris

    Things to consider about Paris:
    Sunday: most stores closed in Paris, as well as some restaurants. Many museums have reduced admission with more crowds.
    Monday: Some banks closed, small stores may not open until afternoon, Catacombs and Versailles are closed, leading to more people at Louvre and Eiffel Tower. Other museums may be closed.
    Tuesday: Louvre, L'Orangerie, Picasso, Cluny, Maritime and Pompidou museums are all closed. Bigger crowds at Tower and Versailles.
    Wednesday: Louvre open late.
    Thursday: Sewer tour closed, late hours at Orsay and department stores.
    Friday: Sewer closed, Louvre open late.
    Saturday: Everything opened except Jewish history museum.

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