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    Planning a trip in 09 and need some tips

    We are in the very early stages of planning a trip to Europe and want to visit DLP. We haven't been to DLP since it was Euro Disney, a year or two after opening. Our DD, now 18, was just 4 at the time, so I'm sure our experience will be quite different, as is the park judging from the photos I've seen! We are DL vets and have visited WDW twice, so we know the drill, so to speak, but I'm sure will need some help with park specific things. First few questions, How many days should we allow for both parks? For just DLP? For just the Studios? Do you think the Studios would be worth our time? What is most likey to be a "do not miss" for a family with older teen and young adult children, 16 and 20? TIA

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    Re: Planning a trip in 09 and need some tips

    The time to take in the parks depends on the time of year you visit and how quickly you want to do things in. I would suggest 3-4 days if you want an easy relaxing time and see everything although you could probably rush around it all in 2 days if you wanted.
    The Studios are well worth seeing. Crush's Coaster, Animagique, Cinemagique are all 'must sees'. The rest are good but nothing that isn't available elsewhere. ToT and Stitch Live arrive this Christmas too and by 2009 I would assume there will be even more there.
    For the older 'kids', Parc Disneyland has Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, Star Tours. The castle is officially the best in the world and the park theming and parades are all good too.
    You may find DLP small and provintial in comparison to the US parks but it also has tons of charm and lovely unique features.
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    Re: Planning a trip in 09 and need some tips

    Studios - 1/2 a day is generous. Granted, I was there in May again and didn't see Crush's Coaster. But there isn't much yet.

    2 days for the main park will be plenty - so perhaps 3 days for both parks, and to enjoy the resorts. I love Paris, though - so it's hard for me to tear away from the city to spend so much time in the parks. The first time I went, I spent nearly a week in DLP and only one day visiting Paris. I kicked myself after that! Now it is the other way around.

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    Re: Planning a trip in 09 and need some tips

    well considering this trip is in 2009, there will be a lot more to do in the studios.
    TOT is definitly worth the visit, unless you're afraid of thrill rides!
    Stitch im sure will be great. Nemo, by that time will not have as terrible queues, and thats another great ride. Cars, is just another version of the teacups, and in my opinion, a miss. Cinemagique is my favorite attraction and deserves at least one visit
    Im sure there will be another ride or two built by that time in the studios.
    In the disneyland park, big thrills are from big thunder mountain, space mountain and indiana jones. Must see rides are pirates of the carribean and phantom manor.
    if your kids are that age you could probably skip most of fantasyland, but if you do go I reccomend its a small world, snow white and most of all Peter Pan.
    Places I reccomend to eat are walts, book a table for around 8/9 depending what time the park closes and you will be able to see the nightime parade if there is one on at that time.


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    Re: Planning a trip in 09 and need some tips

    Thanks for your replies. We were thinking 2 or 3 days, so I guess we weren't too far off in our initial estimate. Because we are DL passholders and go all the time, we don't feel the need to do everything. We want to focus on rides that are unique to DLP or are different versions than are available at DL or WDW, and and just take in the atmosphere of the parks. As far as rides, the more thrilling the better, though Peter Pan and POTC are some family favorites as well! I'm sure I'll be back with more questions later.

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    Re: Planning a trip in 09 and need some tips

    Every attraction at WDS is more or less unique to Paris, sometimes by small degrees sometime by large. This will change with ToT but oh well. It's definitely definitely worth a visit especially in 2009 (I love it now unlike many and in two years who knows what will be there). I'd say three days, four if you wanna do the city of Paris and may I recommend the Sequoia Lodge, unless of course you already have a hotel in mind.

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    Re: Planning a trip in 09 and need some tips

    For a Disneylander, I think 3 days with park hopping is just right.

    Do not misses at DLP for the Disneylander:

    Phantom Manor (v different than HM)
    Big Thunder - the biggest and fastest so far
    If still showing, the Tarzan show - awesome
    Indy (is a unique coaster, not great, but unique)
    Adventure Isle and the Aladdin Walk through
    Pirates of the Caribbean - quite a few differences
    Castle and Dragon's Lair
    Alice's Curious Labrynth
    Storybookland Canal Boats - different scenes than DL
    It's a Small World - my fav version anywhere, and it has a large American section
    Lion King
    Space Mountain (with 3 inversions)
    Recommended dining - Walt's, California Grill (not quite the Napa Rose, but beats WDW's offerings IMHO), the Steakhouse, King Ludwigs (for American's, a German Beer Hall is very unique)

    The Studios is definately worth seeing for a while, but we have been known to spend days here because of the streetmousephere and shows. Cinemagique and Crush are two very unique attractions. Also, I like Armageddon (think backdraft style attraction) but I am in the minority. I love Moteurs Action, and if you have not seen it in WDW - check it out.
    Also RNRC is better than WDW's IMHO. But so is the Tram Tour. Animation is not as good as DCA's version, but better than Florida.

    Also, Stitch and TOT (like DCA's) will be open. My kids and wife love Animagique but I can take or leave it.

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