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    Talking Sayonara Main Street arches

    According to a CM at Disney Central Plaza board, the large arches at Main Street USA during Halloween and Christmas won't be set up this year! GREAT news !!! Those arches were OK at night but too big during daytime, plus they blocked the view to the Castle.

    I hope it's not a rumour...

    Main Street USA, last year :

    Photo : JOEL

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    Re: Sayonara Main Street arches

    OH! I'm completely happy! I hated having my view of the lovliest castle of earth blocked.

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    Re: Sayonara Main Street arches

    They look very cool though!

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    I never liked them. They totally ruined the joy of watching the buildings of Main Street. And when taking a pic, there always was one of those white poles between you and your pictures

    Furthermore, in Italy that kind of decoration is heavily used during the patron saint fairs, so I happened to be in the Magic Kingdom feeling like I was in some small countryside town of mine
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    Re: Sayonara Main Street arches

    Eh, I thought they were great during Halloween. Not only for the cool night lighting in glorious Orange, but mostly for the source of poses for the Pumpkin men. There was lots to play with on the arch supports for the Pumpkin folk, and I fear Main Street will suffer from less of them, and less creativity in their frozen poses, if the arches are indeed missing from future seasons.

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    Re: Sayonara Main Street arches

    I'm sure if they were removed E.D. would still find a way to hang them around Main Street.

    If they do away w/ them for a season or two & the guests complain, they'll bring them back, just as they did with the Wonderful World Of Disney Parade.

    Let's see what they come up with before we decide whether or not we like it.

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