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    DLP Hotels, can someone list them?

    OK, so I'm probably going to be visiting in December (I know, I'm bringing coats and scarves and all that!), but I was wondering which hotels are worth their prices, should I just stay offsite, etc. We'll probably be heading into Paris the other 3 days we'll be there, so is it worth stying at DLP the whole time? etc.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me
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    Re: DLP Hotels, can someone list them?

    Disney has

    • Disneyland Hotel
    • Hotel New York
    • Sequioa Lodge
    • Newport Bay Club
    • Hotel Santa Fe
    • Hotel Cheyene
    • Davey Crockett Ranch
    Also, there are five preferred hotels:

    • Explorers Hotel
    • Dream Castle Hotel
    • Holiday Inn
    • Kyriad Hotel
    • Radisson SAS
    There are, of course many more hotels in the area.

    As to whether it's worth is to stay on site or off site really depends on what price you get for the dates you're going. There are a few benefits for staying on-site, like early entry, charging privileges and more.

    For my personal stay, I originally had three nights reserved at the Dream Castle, but later found two nights at a good price for the Newport Bay Club, so we'll be staying there the first two nights, then switching over to the Dream Castle. It's worth it for me since we'll be there for so little time that the early entry feature will be worth it for us.

    Paris is only about a 35 minute train ride from DLRP to the city, and it's easy to do, but it's up to you if you want to do the commute back and forth.

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    Re: DLP Hotels, can someone list them?

    The most popular recomendation always seems to be the Sequioa Lodge, its also a great choice for a Winter hotel as it has a fireplace which is kind of cool to hang out around during December. I've stayed at both Santa Fe and Cheyene and if you can get a good deal out of them book, but if you can't don't bother with these two.

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    Re: DLP Hotels, can someone list them?

    I found the Sequoia perfectly nice if the rooms are a tad dingy (at least where I stayed). I imagine it's be a lovely winter hotel bar the outdoor walks

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    Re: DLP Hotels, can someone list them?

    I'll bang my regular drum at this point - if you go Sequoia, spend a little more and go for a Montana room!
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    Re: DLP Hotels, can someone list them?

    My 100th post...finally....

    I really did like my stay at Hotel New York. The other hotels are more 'Disney themed', but the hotel is less big than the other hotels (so shorter lines for the breakfast etc) and it really is the closest to Disney Village (and therefore the parks).

    On my other visits I have also chosen a hotel near the RER-line from Paris to DLP. There are literally 100's of hotels near the RER-stops on that line. But I must sya thath I really liked my last stay on-site! But commuting from/to Paris is vey well doable.

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    Re: DLP Hotels, can someone list them?

    I have stayed at all 7 Disney hotels in Paris and loved them all. We recently stayed at a Campanile (Sp?) which was located 1 junction along on the motorway. It only took us about 15-20 mins to drive in even when the traffic was heavy but it was much much cheaper than the Disney hotels, although park tickets and breakfast was not included. Just something to consider but you would need a car to use this hotel as it was not on the train line.

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