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    Re: Yay! 2 weeks left until my DL Paris Holiday!

    Quote Originally Posted by nathan detroit View Post
    You don't want to ride Crush???!

    Go Figure!
    Quote Originally Posted by Olivier View Post
    Is the ride too extreme for you???
    Dueling Dragons. Yes
    Expedition Everest. Hell yes, 3 times in a row.
    Space Mountain Mission 2. Even my mum went on it and enjoyed it.

    Spinning coasters? No way in hell. My dad and I challenge each other to ride a more extreme coaster every time we go to a theme park. BUT anything that spins is completely out of the question. I actually have a fear of vomiting, and so spinning just scares me. As well as this, my parents are both uneasy with elevators in real life, let alone pretent crashing ones, hence we've never done a ToT. One year, maybe, but not yet.

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    Re: Yay! 2 weeks left until my DL Paris Holiday!

    But it's nothing like Space or doesn't even make you dizzy...and it's such an ace ride... I don't do spinning rides, teacups etc. but this is something completely different honestly!

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    Re: Yay! 2 weeks left until my DL Paris Holiday!

    It does offer you a rush, and took me by suprise in a good way. Hope to have more coming up in my Trip Report which I'm hoping to continue tonight!
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