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    Re: A Question about the Canoes

    the good thing about canoes not being on tracks is that you could potentially get clearance to go a different route if, for instance, the rafts to TSI break down, and the mark twain and coloumbia get stuck behind them. though when that actually happened, i saw a pic of three or 4 canoes having to sit out there in the sun and wait
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    Re: A Question about the Canoes

    Quote Originally Posted by The Disneylander View Post
    A quick question-about 1/4 of the way down the RoA there are a few rocks a few feet from the shore of the island. Invariably, every time I ride, the CMs always take us through the rocks, instead of around it. Is there a reason for this?
    The reason that we do it is that it shortens the trip length. We cannot enter the rapids if a big boat is present in front of us.

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