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Thread: Busy Times

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    Busy Times

    I have visited around Christmas before and realize it can be busy, but does anyone have any specific advice regarding December 17-22?? I think we will go on these dates and I am trying to remember if it is worse than summer? I seem to remember it being very busy, but pleasant because of the cooler weather. Any opinions?

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    Re: Busy Times

    Generally, the week before christmas isn't that busy. You'll be in for a good time that week, small croud-wise.
    -Monorail Man

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    Re: Busy Times

    We're going the week before that!

    I wouldn't expect enormous crowds that week. It seems like the busiest time is during Christmas and New Year.

    We went from Dec. 26-31 last year and it rained heavily off and on (mostly off!) crowds, no lines, plus all the Christmas at Disneyland magic. It was our best trip in YEARS.

    We usually go in October or in the spring to avoid crowds, but decided to bite the bullet and take the kids for a surprise Christmas trip, knowing it would be extremely crowded.....and it wasn't!! The place was empty every night by dinner time, so it was SO much fun!!

    I Christmas at Disneyland. Have fun planning!

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