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    Correct Tiki Opening Date???

    In Al's Update today He mentions the opening of Tiki on the 17th... Is this a typo? Im hoping It is and will reopen as scheduled on the 12th... Anyone know what the correct date is???

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    From what I understand, the rain in January delayed the work scheduled for the outside waiting area, and so the new date is in fact the 17th. However, with the rain that started yesterday that is supposed to last through Monday, it could be delayed even further I would assume. At this point I wouldn't rely too heavily on a specific day of re-opening.
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    Tiki room must reopen NOW.

    I want Dole Whip!
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    I agree! I was there during that rain. I really missed the Tiki room to go to. Not to mention it would have been good to see when running from the rain. I mean, you can always go on Dumbo so many times in the rain.

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