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    post deleted

    post deleted
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    Re: Foreign tourist: Disneyland too expensive?

    Well now you have me intrigued! LOL

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    Re: Foreign tourist: Disneyland too expensive?

    Well considering that 1 Euro is equal to 1.56 dollars (July 08) I would have to say that traveling to the USA is a great bargain right now.
    Althought that being said. Disneyland Park California tickets are about 10 euro more for adults and children. So if someone was traveling to the US just to go to Disneyland they could save about 10 euro on the ticket prices by going to DisneyParis. Although I am sure the hotels and food in the US is much cheaper compared to current summer Europe prices.

    Base on July 2008 Disney web site
    Disneyland Paris
    1 Day 1 park
    Prices (valid until November 7th, 2008):

    Adult: 34 EUR = $53 USD
    Child (aged 3-11 years inclusive): 29= $46 USD

    VS Disneyland Park, California 1 day single park ticket
    Adult $66 = 42 EUR
    Child $56 = 36 EUR

    Disneyland PARIS-
    2 Day / 2 Park Hopper Ticket
    Prices (valid until November 7th, 2008):
    Adult: 75 = $117 US
    Child (aged 3-11 years inclusive): 64 Euro = $100 US

    Compared to US Disneyland prices. 2-Day Park Hopper Ticket
    Valid now thru January 5, 2009. Adult $132.00 = 84
    Child $112.00 = 71 Euro

    So the US Disneyparks do have higher main gate admission prices but with hotel, food etc. I think all around it is a great time for Europeans to travel in the US and visit Disney parks price wise (minus the 10 extra charge on Euro on the single and two day ticket prices) .
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    Re: post deleted

    Quote Originally Posted by merlinjones View Post
    post deleted
    Post deleted? I kind of wanted to see what this post was.

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    Re: Foreign tourist: Disneyland too expensive?

    To answer the title's question: Probably not, due to the weakening of the dollar. DL prices have actually dropped relatively speaking, to the Euro for example. WDW will get more of the benefit.
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