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    Re: Save DCA by lancing off the Grand Californian

    Removing the hotel would a completely horrible plan to execute and an enormous waste of money (not just to unnecissarily remove the hotel but in lost revenue from the pricey per nite cost of the rooms) There is lots of room to expand on the Timon parking lot. There is some room for something inside Millionaire, the removal of Souvenir66 would open up some room, Golden Dreams could be removed for something more interesting, the empty shells of the San Francisco buildings, Hollywood and Dine, and various other areas of the park are available for expansions/additions.
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    With all this talk of "off the shelf" and "on the back-burner" it seems the only thing that DCA is really missing is the kitchen sink!

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    Re: Save DCA by lancing off the Grand Californian

    I'm paying over $800 (2 nights) to stay over Thanksgiing weekend.....They tend to make a bit of money there!
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    Re: Save DCA by lancing off the Grand Californian

    The idea of "fitting" attractions in because there is room between is silly. I remember when I went to Disney World how amazed I was by the lack of lines. This is because rides are not jam packed next to eachother. When attractions are speard out it allows for less traffic jams and shorter lines.

    This is clearly evident at Paradise Pier. I went towards the beginning when crowds still showed up, and the walkway was impossible to move through due to the long lines spilling out from all the little attractions into the pathway. People also used this to their advantage to cut in front of me at Muhholand Madness because the line extended into the crowd and beyond the que. DCA needs more room to put in well spaced and well themed attractions. If not, the walkways will become rivers once they have decent attractions and the lines will be imposible.

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    Re: Save DCA by lancing off the Grand Californian

    Quote Originally Posted by sediment
    Regarding the expansion into "Lion King" parking lot:
    1. Jim Hill claimed about a year ago or so that DIS did not own some of the parking lot land (nor some of DCA's footprint). and that DIS has long-term leases.
    2. Someone here claimed that Disney does own that land.

    Anyone want to break the tie, maybe with a source?
    Disney didn't own all the parking lot when it was just a parking lot years ago. But they now own it all.

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    Re: Save DCA by lancing off the Grand Californian

    Sure lets get rid of the only thing that really makes money on that half of the resort...
    In reality what is happening is the Timon parking lot is slowy being phased out (First Bug's land then ToT next???). The Imagineers have been out in the north west section (behind ToT) taking measurments and marking off certain areas... They are already changing Superstar Limo to a Monsters dark ride and plan on changing the Who wants to be a Millionare bldg.
    What could also be changed/lanced in the future? I think the Dreams theatre would be the perfect place for the return of Country Bears and as far as California goes perhaps Rainbow Caverns, and something needs to be done with that big unused body of water (Not another Show!). I like the idea of a Chinatown area as well as a real Mexican tribute (not just a Tortilla Factory).
    MOst of the original Disneyland that walt thought up included the old west with Steam Trains, Covered Wagons and Mule rides! But NON of that is seem in DCA and while yes some of it is outdated and well done over at Knotts they could've come up with something celebrating Walts old west!
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    Re: Save DCA by lancing off the Grand Californian

    Quote Originally Posted by Jspider
    I remeber hearing people that have said things counter to what Mr Hill says

    I don't hold Jim in that high of a regard as a source he doesn't have a good track record with being correct on these things and I'd swear half the time he makes them up

    now I have been one to make this comparison before but it's worth showing again...

    some large parts of the Timon Lot were origionaly hotels before the DLR expansion



    click back and forth and watch as hotels dissappear

    I find it rather suspcious that some nice sized piece of the Timon lot WEREN'T part of the origional parking lot

    Good detective work, Jspider. But I'm not sure what is so "suspicious" ........ Disney buying out existing businesses (motels) and nearby property is nothing new .........

    I think the remaining businesses along the North side of Katella and West side of Harbor South-easterly of Timon will be gobbled up by Disney in no more than ten years to accomodate resort expansion. It only makes sense.
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