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    Re: Court of Angels to become another Shop Add-On in NOS

    Quote Originally Posted by David Koenig
    A treasured, beautiful location will become a whore to the almighty dollar
    If only Disneyland had real whores instead of cheap trinkets. They are adding retail space, but not adding anything even half as interesting as Mrs. Disney's One of the Kind Antique Shop.

    Plus, didn't the expansion to pieces of eight basically fail at everything but destroying the charm of NOS? I never see it staffed, let alone making sales. There's hardly anything there.

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    Re: Court of Angels to become another Shop Add-On in NOS

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve DeGaetano View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway Guru
    Those pictures bring up a question I've wondered for a while now. In the Court of Angels, there's a plaque advertising singing lessons by a Mme. Sally McWhirter. Does anyone know if there's a story behind this? I heard once the courtyard was dedicated to a CM who had died. Is this her?
    Found this through Google:
    Sally began her career with Disney in the Disney Stores, Inc. in Indiana. Sally was promoted to District Manager before coming to work in Disneyland. Here she was named director of store operations in 1995 until her untimely death in 1997. She died at 40 as a result of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Sally sang with her church choir, which explains the plaque reference to music of angels and voice lessons. Her tribute is near this heavenly stairway, in the Court of Angels.
    --p. 91, The Disneyland Detective by Kendra Trahan.
    Well, I suppose it is fitting that the Courtyard is becoming retail space considering Sally's role as Store Operations director. The store expansion is in-theme afterall! Bring in the cash registers! Bring in the profits!

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    Re: Court of Angels to become another Shop Add-On in NOS

    I pledge allegiance to the Earth, one planet, many gods, and to the universe in which she spins.

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    Re: Court of Angels to become another Shop Add-On in NOS

    So has anyone be able to confirm that this is happening? i have a friend that would love a window for when to pay his respects.

    As for Photopass, it's happened. My sister has a photo of her and a friend posing on the stairs taken by a Disney photographer. It's actually quite nice.

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    Re: Court of Angels to become another Shop Add-On in NOS

    Quote Originally Posted by Giddy4Aladdin View Post

    I've always wanted that to be the place where I would be proposed marriage to.. they better not do that!!!

    Yeah I hear ya!

    I wonder if this will just be temporary with the holidays coming...

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