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    Lady and the Tramp

    Does anybody happen to know what initials are written in the cement when Lady and Tramp put their paw prints in the heart that is in the wet cement?

    (Sorry if this question is hard to understand)

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    Re: Lady and the Tramp

    were there any? this is from magic kingdom's version of it outside Tony's Restaurant but it could easily be different from the film.

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    Re: Lady and the Tramp

    From wiki

    In the movie, while Lady and Tramp are strolling through the town at night, they come across a heart with two people's initials that were drawn into wet cement. The initials are someone else's, but the two dogs then make pawprints inside the heart. The initials are believed to be a homage to famous children's authors J.M. Barrie and Elwyn Brooks White.
    Also, Walt Disney Classics Collection made Lady and the Tramp available in this scene, several years ago. They make sure to be as accurate with the pieces as closely as possible, in turning these 2d characters into 3d. Here is a Picture of the Lady piece that they did, with a good look at the detail of the wet cement.

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