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    Re: The New STar TouRS

    Quote Originally Posted by Ascendant
    Heh! I like that. It would be cool if they had some recomissioned psychopathic uber-macho gung-ho war robot trying to be a tour guide. Whenever he saw a tie fighter or something, his combat instincts would kick in and he'd try to dive into battle...only to get zapped back into line every time by his restraining bolt.
    Ha, ha..... HK-47, recomissioned as a pilot droid?

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    Re: The New STar TouRS

    Something like that, yeah.

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    Re: The New STar TouRS

    There are so many great possibilities for Star Tours! I love the idea of four different destinations and shows. I also love the idea of keeping windows on the sides of the vehicle and having images of outerspace and models of tie fighets fly right past you!!

    Some day, i hope there is a starwars theme park or even a larger chunk of starwars somewhere in DL (maybe the 3rd gate?).

    One idea I had while reading this board, was have guests walk through Hoth, then immidielty have the empire invade. After this, guests would have to quickly board the Millennium Falcon where a new ride simulation would begin! I don't know, but George Lucas created something truly remarkable. Even if he's not that great now, give the guy a break. He revolutionized the industry.

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