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    Tues. July 29th's Earthquake at DL

    During the earthquake that hit Orange county on July 29th at around 11 a.m. me and my groups of friends we're waiting in line for Space Mountain. We had FastPasses for SM and got wall the way down to the big room with the fake spaceship and people unloading and loading into rockets.

    We we're walking down the first ramp that goes to the far side of the room and we see the huge fake spaceship that hangs above the loading rocket shake like crazy. We all point at it and go "wow, thats new", and realize that their was dust coming of it, and a few small parts break off and then we started moving with the earthquake.

    They stop everything and inspect all the rides for damages due to the earth quake which took about 4 hours for all the rides to get up and running.

    Oh and by the way, we lost those FastPasses because they took them at the enterance to SM and the earthquake happened before we got to the ride

    I was wondering if anyone else was there for the earthquake, where you were and if your experience was as cool as mine!
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    Re: Tues. July 29th's Earthquake at DL

    wow! that's kewl u got to witness that...but it also totally sucks you lost your fastpasses!

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    Re: Tues. July 29th's Earthquake at DL

    Yeah that what I hate about Space Mountain. One time I used my Dream fast pass and the ride breaks down. I didn't even ride it yet. But I waited about 15 minutes and Space Mountain was open again.

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