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    What needs TLC? What needs to be worked on?

    Inspired by an ongoing theme violation list I thought I would try and get MC's to post a more positive list. I was curious what areas of the park need some TLC. I am not talking about major blue sky "Disney needs to tear this down" or "Disney needs to put this here". I am talking about the little things.

    For example, Minnie's house. I was in there yesterday and I noticed the perfume bottles didn't have their backing. That was always a fun interactive part for kids. The dishwasher was busted. Literally no water and green mold marks on the glass. The birthday cake in the oven looked like chocolate instead of vanilla. Just overall the paint on most surfaces was faded and worn. The point is, it really needs some TLC. So I was curious what other areas may be similar to this. I am not complaining just to complain, I am complaining because it looks bad, and I overheard others stating this out loud.

    I know Bruce, among others, posted about how Disney sometimes pays attention to these details once they are brought to their attention... so what do all of you think?
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    Re: What needs TLC? What needs to be worked on?

    I want to see the the film reels for Star Tours, HISTA, and Muppet*Vision 3D be cleaned.

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