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    Re: Autopia out....we need something new...

    Well I like Autopia. But it could use a cool upgrade. I really think they should do something along a star speeder series from Star Wars. Imagine stepping into a car that has no wheels, running on a magnetic track as you fly through tommorrow land under the monorail, over the water and off road. as you take the controls, the car would bank left or right and possibly have an acceleration area just give it a small thrill.

    That's my two cents.

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    Re: Autopia out....we need something new...

    I'm not a fan of Autopia as it's simply a glorified go-kart track with NO progressive story line. Simple as that. If you remove Autopia fans can simply find an alternative, even more fun experiences, in many locations across the state and country. Yes, it has a high capacity level but quality is quality and we can increase guest satisfaction with new and possibly more innovative experiences, not to mention free up much appreciated land, even if you do not include the locations ever the subs to support structures.

    Autopia is a joyride for me. I think of it as waiting in line to sit down when I am tired with the benefit of a moving surrounding. It's not even as fun with close friends, as you are either ahead of them or behind your friends. You don't even get the thrill of bumping. That is from a somewhat young adult's point-of-view.

    Now as I get to that age where I want to have kids one day, very badly as a matter of fact, and I can see the fun in watching kids want to experience this fun. But like I said before, this same fun can be had at many location around the country. To me this is like watching kids have fun in the arcades within the parks or shopping in the shops where we can do the same thing in Worlds of Disney.

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    Re: Autopia out....we need something new...

    here's the deal with autopia. there was a time where tomorrowland stood for something greater, and it included some truly innovative elements that made the land meet the expectations of its name. The Monorail and PeopleMover were incredibly futuristic, and still are to some extent as transportation systems. Space Mountain used innovative ride systems, as did Star Tours. However, over the past 25-30 years, Tomorrowland's image has like Corporate Disney's image, changed from one of trying to change the world to just one trying to entertain the world. Tomorrowland today is more of a charming futuristic world, rather than a realistic, innovative, or practical one. This is not to say that this is bad, but given that Tomorrowland no longer holds the burden of truly being futuristic, I think it is reasonable to keep the Autopia attraction, partially because it is an original, an cause it can easily be upgraded to electric or somethign meaningful. If it were to be replaced, I'd like to see another outdoor attraction take its place, one that had the same experience of giving the rider the illusion of control

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    Re: Autopia out....we need something new...

    What about just a little redressing for the classic ride, and a change to electric based engines?

    You don't have to tell people that the engines are just electric. Use the queue-line to come up with some explanation for a "new" form of power.

    "Introducing The Quasar 3000! Now powered by ionized crystals. Save on fueling costs for your next family vacation to the Horsehead Nebula!"

    Redress the cars to look more futuristic (Back to the Future II-esque?). They can be made to look like they are hovering, but still be propelled by wheels. Joystick piloting maybe? Throttle lever instead of a pedal?

    "Autopia 2142: Scenic Tours! "

    You can keep the same landscaping, with maybe a few changes. The idea being a drive through a protected piece of enviroment. Much like how we visit National Parks today. Re-theme the very begining and end of the ride to be an entrance, and exit, to a science station/bio-dome.
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