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    IASW Question -

    Will IASW get the holiay make over this year?


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    Re: IASW Question -

    Yes. there will be a holiday version.

    btw i LOVE the holiday version! so pretty haha
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    Re: IASW Question -

    i read an article somewhere that they are still gonna keep the christmas tradition, they'll have 2 paraded, WDPoD and CFP(thats a total of 4 showings) and that they'll still do remember but with the traditional "Dreaming of a White Christmas" at the end, but idk what they'll do regarding decorating.

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    Re: IASW Question -

    It's a "must see" at Christmas time. it will make you say, "wow"!

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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