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    Midway Mania Help

    I had a question about when to go to Midway Mania. I remember seeing thread a while ago with people saying that everybody tried to go in the mornings so avoid those times. Is this still true? Ill be going Wednesday and Thursday this week. Any tips would help! Thanks

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    Re: Midway Mania Help

    I think what you've heard is true. Everyone has the same idea at opening " Lets hit TSMM before anyone else" We went on it Sunday afternoon at around 5pm, the wait was about 40min at most.
    The good thing about the line is that it tends to move along.
    Have fun!

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    Re: Midway Mania Help

    It's all luck in my opinion. I've been there twice this season, and tried a couple of my own theories...each time the result was different. I'm sure others can give you more specifics on when to go etc.

    Morning is the best in opinion if you're there before the gates open and that's where you go first. And that's your goal to ride it first. I waited thirty minutes in line once it opened. However, in a matter of minutes the line was upwards of an hour and a half. VIP-- just make sure you look for the signs when you enter and follow cast members' directions to get in the special line that starts around the Grizzly peak area and the park entrance from the hotel--do not head to the attraction. You'll be sent to the back.

    However, by late afternoon/normal dinner time, I found the line to be at it's shortest during the normal day--about forty minutes.

    And near closing, the line was less than 15 minutes.

    Good luck and enjoy. It's a fantastic ride. Go in the am, cause i guarantee you'll want to ride it again. And at least you won't be constantly stressing over it. Enjoy it.... It's very addictive.

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    Re: Midway Mania Help

    It's still pretty much true. The same trend happens when every new attraction, everyone wants to ride it first. So if you want to have a short wait time, either run-walk over there in the morning at park opening or make it the last ride of the night.

    Especially now with SoCal AP's returning on Sunday 8/17, the line will be longer.

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