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    Monthly Partners Statue Photos

    Let me start by saying.... I lost my desktop photo and I want it back! Whaaaaaaa!

    Not sure what I did and now it is not even on my computer. Guess I must have just hit the "set as desktop background" and not saved the image. Anyway, I have spent several days trying to retrace my steps to where I found it! I am hoping someone here can help me find it again!

    I originally found this photo on mouseplanet, which is beautiful BTW

    but sometime shortly afterwards I replaced it with a very similar photo. The difference was that the trees were in bright pink blooms too. Does anyone out there know where I found it? If anyone can help me find it I would be forever grateful!

    Anyway, that got me to thinking that it would be great to see how the partners statue photos change from month to month. So please, post your shots here.

    I'll start. This is the only one I have which is from September 2007. Next time I am going to remember to back up and get more flowers in the shot!
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