We had so much fun on our Disneyland vacation with our whole family, that we (my two brothers and I) want to give my parents, who gave the trip to the family for Christmas last year, a Christmas present this year that has something to do with our FANTASTIC trip.

The mosaics that DL did for the 50th celebration inspired me to think of maybe doing a large mosaic (around 20" x 24") using all the pictures we collectively took as a family with our own cameras. Fun idea and a great conversation piece.

The other idea is a photo book. You know the kind where you design the layout of the pictures/text/etc. and it is printed and bound like an actual hard-backed book? Each of us would select "x" number of the pictures we each took which would be put into the book. It also allows the reader to see better detail of each of the pictures.

I'm still up in the air about which to do. Both have their good points, but the photo book is getting better looking each day. Your thoughts?