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    Trip Report for AWAflyboy's day trip on 8/14

    I started the day out late, well I thought I was on time but turns out I misread when my flight was going to leave and got to the gate 5 min after it left; but being the good little airline employee I had backup flights, so I just hoofed over to the other side of the terminal and hopped on a southwest flight.

    I got into SNA with about 15 min to spare to make the next Disneyland Express bus to the park. Left the airport at 9:45 and I was walking through the front gates at 10:05, not too bad.

    I wandered around just taking the park in, rode Sleeping Beauty as there was no line, then sat at the hub at 11 in case there were any MC'ers that were lurking about. No one showed but I got to see a member of the dream squad give away a dream seating for fantasmic.

    Went on a few rides and then made my way over to CA to check out TSMM. The line was shorter than I expected, only 30 min long. Though right when I got to where you get the glasses - in fact I was just reaching for mine - when they retracted the carts that dispense them. Odd, but I figured there were going to refill them. Only a few min later a message over the PA, TSMM is down but you're welcome to wait. So I waited, and about 15 minutes later they said that the ride is down and now they would be clearing the queue but we would get a re-admit pass. They didn't date mine so it looks like I can just save it for the next time I go.

    Little did I know this would be the status quo for the rides in CA. As I went over to GRR, which just a few minutes before I showed up went down. Ok, so walk over to Soarin. Well that ride is running but the lines are so huge, even the fastpass line was wrapped in front of the test pilots grill.

    I wandered over to the Hollywood Studios section, Monsters was down as well. Time for TOT, the wait is 80 min so I decide to pass and start to wander back to DL; on a whim I went into the animation academy and loved it, I ended up going around and back in line for a second time, it really was fun learning to draw.

    After stopping by the tortilla factory to get my pack of tortillas (my bday was a little over a week ago so I was wearing a bday button), I went back over to DL for a few more rides.

    On my way out I followed state law and bought a churro (yum) before I left.

    I was a little drained so I was leaving an hour earlier than planned and timed it just right so I was only waiting about 5 min at the DL Hotel for the bus back to the airport and in time to switch to the earlier flight back to phoenix.

    Though right at the time we were supposed to start boarding we went on a ground stop due to the monsoon storm going on here in phoenix. The delay caused people to start moving up as well and my flight was getting full. (Remember, I fly space available). Finally after waiting about an hour, one of the gate agents came over and whispered to me that it might be a good idea to fly out on southwest. So I wandered over, they also were delayed but thankfully they weren't so booked - after waiting another hour I got on and even got a row to myself.

    So now I'm back home and already wondering when I will go back to the park.

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    Re: Trip Report for AWAflyboy's day trip on 8/14

    I sometimes wished I worked for the airlines so I could do something as fun as that, just fly over for the day. Glad you had a good time in the art academy.

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    Re: Trip Report for AWAflyboy's day trip on 8/14

    Excellent trip report! How I envy you for getting out of this heat for a day. Considering how long it took you to get from John Wayne to the Park, I'm guessing you lead a pretty charmed life. Good for you!

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    Re: Trip Report for AWAflyboy's day trip on 8/14

    So where's the pictures? You're obviously a REALLY GOOD photographer, so share some of your DL pics with us!

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    Re: Trip Report for AWAflyboy's day trip on 8/14

    Sounds like you had a good time, I love quick trips out to Disneyland!

    Quote Originally Posted by awaflyboy View Post
    I rode Sleeping Beauty as there was no line.
    Sorry, was this the castle walkthrough? I wasn't aware of a Sleeping Beauty ride, so I am confused.
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    Re: Trip Report for AWAflyboy's day trip on 8/14

    Working for the airlines certainly has its benefits! I use my wife's Benefits to take in the ASU games and fly in for every game from SNA.

    Its been a Non Rev's Dream lately. Light loads and wide open flights. Thanks for the quick trip report. Maybe we'll run into each other at the park!
    Check out My Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 rides... I'm always working on another one... I hope they make you want to go to Disneyland.

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    Re: Trip Report for AWAflyboy's day trip on 8/14

    Thanks for the TR !!

    How fun that sounds for just the day !!

    But Sleeping Beauty ride?

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