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    BBQ pork sandwich at Riverbelle Terrace

    I saw this listed on another site with Disneyland menu info. Wondering if any of you have tried it (and the sides) and if you liked it. Thinking of trying it on my next trip. Oh how I miss the Big Thunder BBQ!

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    Re: BBQ pork sandwich at Riverbelle Terrace

    I have not but as previously discussed the Vegtable Po Boy on the same menu is absolutley amazing!! I still need to make the recipe, that is now once again on my list of things to do today.

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    Re: BBQ pork sandwich at Riverbelle Terrace

    I NEARLY got that yesterday because it looked so good. But alas, my palatte was set on the turkey (which is amazingly delicious).

    As for the sides - the bbq beans are good. I'm not a cold side dish fan. I tried the lentil salad and didn't care for it. Yesterday I got the pasta salad and it was better than the lentil (more flavorful and the bits of feta - divine). My Brian got the cole slaw and he liked it. Fruit is just fruit so you probably can't go too wrong with it.

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    Re: BBQ pork sandwich at Riverbelle Terrace

    I had the BBQ Pork sandwich back in June and it was wonderful! I was kind of wonddering if I made the right selection but I would DEFINITELY reccommend it!

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    Re: BBQ pork sandwich at Riverbelle Terrace

    IMHO, the BBQ pork sandwich is the better item to get from Riverbelle Terrace. I didn't care for anything else. Don't forget to add lettuce, sauce, etc from the counter across from the cash register.

    Overall, I'm not a big fan. I wouldn't go back to eat at Riverbelle Terrace any time soon. Only on occassion.

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