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    Disney College Program

    I am interested in joing the Disney college program when I get older. Does anyone have any info on how to get in or any stories about the program?

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    I’m currently a student at UC Davis and last year I applied to the WDW College Program. The only requirements for the program states that you must either be enrolled in college or a recent graduate. The program puts up fliers throughout schools across the country informing students about an informational meeting on campus. At the meeting they go over the basics like housing, classes and work schedules. At the end the presenters have a Q&A session. Following the presentation, they sign you up for an interview in the next few days. At the interview they just as typical questions such as “why would you like to join the Disney team?” I was accepted, but I couldn’t attend due to my school schedule so I’m applying for this years advanced internships in the biotechnology and genetic engineering programs.

    Their website is

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    There is also a thread in the WDW section about the program.
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